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Get to Know Me

Helping leaders and others to Get Up Rise Up and go deeper!

Since 2000, I have helped my clients break through the obstacles that prevent them from moving forward in life. Leadership has always been a part of my DNA.  From an early age, I recall being the go-to, the one who, in my circle of friends and family sought for advice, support, and strength. This carried forth into my career. No matter what role or position I held, it seemed that within a few weeks or months, everyone relied upon my expertise, opinion, and input. Believe me, it was exhausting, always having to bear everyone else’s weight, and never having anyone to help me carry mine. I felt alone at times; at home, in the office, like I had nowhere or no one to turn to. Everyone thought I had it all together, all the time. Why? Because I led them to believe I did. How can I share my vulnerabilities and weaknesses with others when I was the “leader”, the one they thought had ALL the answers? I did not want anyone to judge me. More specifically, I did not trust anyone to serve me. Whew!

Sometimes I would just sit in my room and cry because I felt so alone. My conversations with God were immature and latent with self-pity.  What was it about me, why did you have me go down this path? How am I supposed to make it on my own? You’ve predestined me, why don’t you take care of me? Why am I always alone? Why am I always the one who must tow-the-line? Why does everyone come to me? Who can I count on? And it went on and on…Oh Boy! I look back at those days and laugh. I am thankful God has a sense of humor…but I am more than grateful that He loved me enough to be patient with me. He began to work on my character, my heart, and my soul.
We are intimate beings and require relationships. As I read the Bible and went deeper in prayer (just talking to God) I began to see the bigger picture of how I fit into God’s plan, I became more self-aware of my purpose. Serving others was my calling, my gift to present to the world. How could I stand before leaders and tell them to trust me with the hearts, their fears, their cares, their goals, and aspirations, if I had not walked along the same path? Leaders are people who need to know they do not stand alone. I was that example, I had to grow through the process so that I could serve wholeheartedly, with intentionality and with purpose.   

I have a passion for serving others and wanting nothing but the absolute best for their lives. I am committed to God, which means I am committed to servitude.

Throughout my life, I have served in the shadows. I have allowed my spiritual discernment to guide my actions in all aspects of my life.

I considered myself a shadow servant...what do I mean? I am glad you asked...I observe my surroundings and people to see how I may bring light into a situation. I may just randomly walk up to someone and bless them financially with only the words, "God loves you and sees you."  I am philanthropic at heart and want everyone to experience the freedom of going beyond the surface of life. You are a GURU in the making and I cannot wait for the opportunity to help you GET UP RISE UP and go deeper to tap into your inner GURU and reach your goals or become a better you in all aspects of your life.  Are you ready? I am ready to take your hand and walk with you.
I am phenomenal woman, mother, grandmother of two beautiful little princesses, an entrepreneur, healthcare consultant, a certified life coach, John Maxwell Trained leader, coach, teacher, and speaker. 

Mitchell is currently the Director of a large Clinically Integrated Physician Network. In this role, she leads the organization’s physician recruitment for all commercial value-based programs, provider experience, and engagement and growth strategies. She is a member of her organizations' Women in Leadership Committee and sits as Chair of the Evaluations and Feedback subcommittee.

Mitchell spent 26 years in the Health Insurance Industry working in various capacities.

Mitchell is also a principal in MD Healthcare Management Solutions consulting firm. Mitchell earned her  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Peter’s University and holds a NJ Insurance Producer's License. Mitchell is an entrepreneur and serves on the board of Generation X Community Association Inc., a non-profit organization that serves under-employed, families and individuals in need.

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