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GURU Life Coaching was founded on the principle that meaningful, respectful solution focused discourse is the starting line for collaborative empowerment.  Our philosophical and fundamental belief is rooted in knowing that if one desires to  achieve the best out of life, one must Get Up, Rise Up and go deeper each day.  Hence…GURU Life Coaching was birthed.
We are committed to helping leaders take their power back in their professional and personal lives. We help our clients steer through the obstacles and self-imposed barriers that seem to hinder them from going deeper, to break away from living on the surface. In other words we help others navigate beyond surface living to gain the most out of life. Life's too short to be unhappy, uncertain, unfulfilled and stuck on the surface.
GURU Life Coaching is here to help you achieve the level of success you dream about, that you deeply desire and are committed to pursuing. We will assist you with accomplishing those goals with a positive outlook and great expectations. Come, let us help you take your power back. Commit today to, “Get Up Rise Up” and go deeper!


Embrace the Future with GURU Life Coaching

Your Life Reimagined

“In order to find our purpose; pursue our dreams, and reach our goals, we must stop living on the surface of life and commit to "Get Up, Rise Up and go deeper everyday." 

~Mitchell Slade

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Prior Events

  • Let's Talk About It Discussion Group
    Let's Talk About It Discussion Group
    Fri, Jan 22
    Jan 22, 2021, 5:30 PM PST
    Jan 22, 2021, 5:30 PM PST
    Join Us as we get up rise up and go deeper about life and support one another along the way. You will not want to miss this energetic and powerful session.
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